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Artist's Background
Jamie Primrose is a highly collectable and acclaimed contemporary Scottish artist.Born in 1972 and brought up in Edinburgh, after attending The Edinburgh Academy, Jamie attained a BA in Fine Art at Newcastle University (1990-1994).

After a decade of study, world travel and work in London (in the creative environments of photographic libraries such as Getty Images and Digital Vision), following a creative trip to Central and South America, Jamie’s passion for painting was re-awakened. He returned to Edinburgh in 2003 to become a full-time professional artist.

Since then he has achieved outstanding success and has now successfully established himself as one of the most exciting talents in the UK. Having painted and self-hosted over 20 new collections for solo exhibitions of his work in Edinburgh and London, he has a recent string of sell-out exhibitions to his name and has attracted an ever-growing UK and international clientele.

As well as painting new collections, Jamie also creates special artwork commissions for both private and corporate clients in a variety of media. He is now taking a number of new commission bookings for 2012 and 2013. N.B. Please see Mari Primrose‘s contact details on the home page for more information.

Jamie’s works can also be seen in selected prestigious UK galleries and in exclusive private and corporate collections across Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Australia and in Hong Kong.

In addition to owning beautiful paintings, client are purchasing his artworks as a longer-term investment as they continue to rise in value every year with substantially increased demand.

Jamie is now one of Scotland’s most prominent painters with a thriving reputation and critical acclaim*. In the same year that he was shortlisted for the Jolomo Award (2007) for his outstanding Scottish landscape paintings, he also launched and self-published his own limited edition prints collection.

*Please see opposite page for selected press.

The Work
Primrose is a professional contemporary Scottish landscape, seascape and cityscape artist working in the colourist tradition. He works in a variety of media - in oils on canvas, linen or board, offering a depth of rich colour and texture. He also explores and experiments with mark making and layering of Indian ink and white acrylic washes in his monochrome drawings on paper.

Although he produces artworks, which range from stunning ethereal pieces to more intricate figurative artworks, the Jamie Primrose style is always immediately recognisable, distinctive and outstanding. Every piece of artwork makes both an impact and an evocative statement, and creates a memorable and pleasurable experience for those who view it.

Primrose's trademark is the magical play of light from the sky onto land or water. In his works he expresses his emotional response to a location and examines the relationship between the changing light and atmosphere.

He focuses primarily on the clarity of autumnal and winter light at its most dramatic and on the most transient, atmospheric times of day - sunrise and sunset.

Jamie is inspired by many art movements and a diverse cross-section of artists from across the centuries including Whistler, Turner and Monet and the colourist tradition of rich Scottish landscape painting.

Some of the locations depicted in his paintings come from his past creative trips, and others represent locations closer to home. These range from capturing the rich intensity of the Tuscan landscape in summer with its rolling hills and vineyards to the rich hues and textures of the East Lothian landscape and moody, dramatic Highland lochs.

Primrose also paints glistening beaches and iridescent seascapes from both the East and West coasts of Scotland, whilst having a fascination for river cities and their waterways including Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Paris and Venice.

His recent cityscapes depicting magnificent architecture and ethereal skies at dawn and dusk include skylines of London, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

As an artist Jamie has a particularly deep sense of awareness and connection with the Scottish capital (past and present) - i.e. where he spent his childhood, then returned nearly ten years ago after years away and where he still currently lives and works.

Whilst concentrating on light and shade and the transition of contrasting seasons, motifs in Jamie’s cityscapes include vast skylines against bold city silhouettes, an individual architectural perspective on individual streets or an interest in more natural elements in a location’s open spaces, parklands or shimmering waterways.

Within his work, Primrose always challenges himself whether in his diversity of locations, media or motifs. With nearly all modern elements and people omitted, he depicts an atmospheric snapshot and timeless journey through the landscape and his work evokes a unique, ethereal quality.

Artist's Statement

"In my paintings I aim to capture that special, fleeting, single moment in time or ‘snapshot’ from dawn onwards and from sunset to sundown, when the light is changing rapidly. It’s my emotional response to and my perception of the relationship between the light in the sky, the myriad of colours, the atmosphere, architecture, landscape or water - which I am conveying at that very moment. Sometimes my feelings are communicated through a brilliant shaft of light streaming through the clouds, the eerie calm before a storm or the very last glimmer of light before twilight.

Some of the locations in my paintings come from my travels in the past or are favourite destinations closer to home. I always focus on locations where there is a rich depth of meaning and sense of awareness from my past or present." Jamie Primrose

Previous Solo Exhibitions

"Glistening Light" - illuminating impressions of France, London & Venice
2nd - 10th November 2012
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Although best known for his ethereal Edinburgh skylines - for the first time ever the talented artist offered an illuminating new series of French landscapes and seascapes. within his eagerly awaited latest oil painting showcase.

Inspired by the intense gleaming continental light in summer and with a fascination for its ever-changing nature at sunrise and sunset, Primrose evocatively captured breathtaking vistas of medieval hill-top villages dotted in the Luberon mountains of Provence and sweeping sunlight over the surrounding dry, rich landscape of lavender, sunflower fields and vineyards.

By contrast on the French Riviera looking down from the cliff tops along the coast his gleaming azure and turquoise reflections sparkled on the Mediterranean around Nice and Antibes (including Eze and Villefranche), with glorious vivid sunsets from the Cap d‘Antibes glimmering resplendent on the bays below.

This major new continental oils exhibition was also beautifully enhanced by a captivating series of atmospheric, shimmering waterways of London and Venice. which will delighted and inspired Primrose’s collectors and enthusiasts.

It showcased Jamie’s natural talent and flair for capturing the fleetingness of light onto land and water, creating illuminating artworks of exceptional depth and quality.

"Transient Skies" - vivid vistas & skylines of Edinburgh
15th - 23rd June 2012
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Perhaps best-known for his sought-after Edinburgh cityscapes and his trademark of capturing luminosity and atmosphere in his work, Primrose showcased his latest ethereal collection of over 50 outstanding new oil paintings of the Scottish capital “Transient Skies” which was an outstanding success.

Primrose was drawn to the ever-changing nature of light, exploring its effect on the city’s sculptural landscape at the most transient times of day – dawn and dusk. Working in a painterly style with a colourful expressionistic palette he offeres vibrant skylines and vivid powerful sunsets beyond Edinburgh’s bold dark architectural silhouette.

Focusing on hilltop vistas and parklands overlooking the city, Primrose revisited chosen motifs and locations at different times of the day, presenting beautiful contrasting skyscape studies and cloud formations – with spectacular examples from Calton Hill, Blackford Hill, Arthur’s Seat, Bruntsfield and The Meadows.

From early morning wintry rays of fleeting light to swathes of rich colour beyond Edinburgh’s majestic skyline towards twilight, a stunning series of late afternoon autumnal views in emerald hues in and around The Meadows, The Royal Botanic Garden and Inverleith Park completed this highly successful major exhibition by the acclaimed artist.

"Serene Impressions" - Glistening waterscapes in & around Edinburgh
Friday 4th - Saturday 12th November 2011
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

A master at capturing light impressions onto glistening water, Jamie showcased a stunning selection of new oils and Indian inks - beautifully crafted hidden snapshots of calm and serenity within the Scottish capital.

From tranquil early morning dawn ripples to late afternoon luminous reflections, this created an atmospheric journey from The Shore along The Water of Leith, through Stockbridge and The Dean Village, then along The Union Canal from Fountainbridge to Polwarth.

Click here to view a selection of work from "Serene Impressions"

"Evolving Moods - Ethereal autumn & winter hues in Edinburgh"
Friday 17th - Saturday 25th June 2011
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

In his beautiful oil paintings, Jamie captured rich warm autumnal tones to cool glistening snow and wintry streams of light beyond the Scottish capital’s skyline.

He evocatively explored the atmospheric transition of two contrasting seasons on some of Edinburgh’s stunning open spaces, waterways and city vistas at dawn and dusk.

From The Meadows, Bruntsfield Links, Inverleith Park, shimmering reflections on Inverleith Pond, The Water of Leith and The Union Canal, to vivid skylines from Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat.

Scottish Field Magazine kindly commented on this collection:
"Jamie Primrose’s paintings display an atmospheric, ethereal quality that makes his work so sought-after", June 2011

Click here to view a selection of work from "Evolving Moods"

"Auld Reekie" - A timeless journey through Edinburgh
Friday 11th - Saturday 19th March 2011
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

This was a unique new collection entirely devoted to Jamie’s striking monochrome works on paper:

From the shadows of The Old Town and across Southside, Marchmont and The Meadows to the grandeur of the New Town and Stockbridge, through the streets and open spaces of Edinburgh in winter-time.

In addition to the architectural elements of his new drawings, Primrose skilfully experimented with mark-making and layering of Indian ink and white washes.

In his Old Town works, this created a moody, historical snapshot, whilst in his New Town studies, Jamie beautifully portrayed light and shade on the majestic Georgian streets and sparkling reflections on The Water of Leith.

This exhibition was featured in the prestigious Galleries Magazine:
"Primrose has had astonishing success with his atmospheric paintings" - Nicholas Usherwood

Click here to view a slideshow of paintings from "Auld Reekie". This takes approx. 1 min to download.

"Luminous Skies" - Atmospheric East and West Coast seascapes
Friday 5th - Saturday 13th November 2010
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Iridescent Scottish seascapes and skies in oils, Indian inks and watercolours.

Jamie's beautiful streams of light and reflections on shimmering East Lothian beaches included Tyninghame, Yellowcraigs, Gullane, North Berwick and The Bass Rock, plus vibrant sunsets and twilight vistas.

Dramatic and moody west coast seascapes at Loch Melfort and around Oban, looking towards the islands of Lismore, Mull and Ardnamurchan.

Click here to view a selection of the "Luminous Skies" collection

"Ethereal Vistas" - A tranquil journey through Edinburgh
Friday 2nd - Saturday 10th July 2010
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

In Jamie’s 2010 collection of new Edinburgh artworks, he presented over 50 ethereal oils and Indian inks.

Using an impressionistic palette, for the first time he captured a rare snow-covered Scottish capital, leading us on a serene adventure through Edinburgh’s streets, skylines and open spaces in winter-time - which inspired and delighted his collectors.

Primrose’s atmospheric new originals ranged from glistening early morning light creating shadows, which filter softly through the trees in The Meadows, breathtaking vistas of the city from Inverleith Park, to glorious winter skylines towards twilight beyond the city’s magnificent architecture - looking towards The Pentlands.

Click here to view a slideshow of paintings from "Ethereal Vistas". This takes approx. 1 min to download.

"Shimmering Echoes" - enchanting river cityscapes
Friday 19th - Saturday 27th March 2010
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Primrose presented his latest collection of works, beautifully capturing the changing light, atmosphere and colours on the glistening rivers and waterways of Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Venice.

Jamie’s sought-after artworks ranged from tranquil early morning glimmers at dawn, uplifting flickers of light through dramatic clouds, to glorious vivid sunset reflections with magnificent architecture and bold cityscape silhouettes beyond. They offered expertly crafted, enchanting glimpses of these four favourite river cities.

Click here to view a slideshow of paintings from "Shimmering Echoes". This takes approx. 1 min to download.

"Twilight Hues" - atmospheric cityscapes
Friday 6th - Saturday 14th November 2009
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Jamie presented his latest new atmospheric paintings of Edinburgh, which exuded a wonderfully timeless quality.

His oils ranged from vivid powerful sunsets to the last glimmers of light falling on the rooftops, skylights and spires of the Old Town and New Town.

In his inks he took a closer look at the dark, eerie closes and the iconic historical landmarks of the Old Town and expolred through the light and shade of the magnificent Georgian architecture in The New Town.

Click here to view a slideshow of paintings from "Twilight Hues". This takes approx. 1 min to download.

"Tranquil Shores" - Atmospheric Scottish seascapes
Friday 3rd - Saturday 11th July 2009
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Jamie presented a beautiful new collection of atmospheric Scottish seascapes from both East and West Coasts for his very special 5th Anniversary Exhibition in July 2009. This marked five years to the month since his very first solo exhibition at The Dundas Street Gallery in Edinburgh (back in 2004).

The exhibition was an outstanding success, with wonderful press acclaim:
"Jamie Primrose has an incredible feel for the light in his native Edinburgh and in East Lothian" - Rachel Devine Sunday Times, 5th July 2009.

Jamie’s stunning ethereal paintings ranged from iridescent beaches around Tyninghame, Seacliff, Yellowcraigs, The Bass Rock and Belhaven Bay in East Lothian, expressive skies overlooking The Forth from Fife, to dramatic and moody west coast seascapes at Loch Melfort, Port Appin and from Eriska looking towards Lismore, Ardnamurchan and Mull.

Click here to view a slideshow of paintings from "Tranquil Shores". This takes approx. 1 min to download.

"Vivid Skies" - Magical vistas of Edinburgh
Friday 6th - Saturday 14th March 2009
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Following his sell-out success in July 2008, once again inspired by Edinburgh’s unique winter light, Primrose presented his latest body of work, selling over 35 original paintings in just one week.

He captured dramatic sunsets and ethereal, transient streams of light beyond Edinburgh’s skyline in his oils, while in his monochrome inks he beautifully depicted the contrasting light and shade of the city’s magnificent architecture.

With impressive vistas from Arthur's Seat and Calton Hill, along The Water of Leith past The Colonies to Inverleith Park and towards The Dean Village in The New Town, to the dark and moody streets of the Old Town.

Click here to view selected paintings from "Vivid Skies"

"Streams of Light" - Atmospheric lochs, seascapes and river cities
Friday 10th - Saturday 18th October 2008
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

This collection included luminous beaches and spectacular sunsets around Tyninghame, Yellowcraigs, Seacliff and The Bass Rock in East Lothian. From the west coast of Scotland there were also dramatic, moody watery vistas and breathtaking seascapes looking towards Lismore and Ardnamurchan.

The artist’s ‘water’ theme continued with impressionistic cityscape scenes, including the early morning ripples and gleaming twilight reflections on the rivers and waterways of Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Venice. Additionally, due to high demand, a new collection of his highly sought-after Edinburgh winter sunsets behind the city’s magnificent architecture were also on display.

"Breathtaking new collection"(Homes & Interiors Scotland, Sept-Oct 2008)

Click here to view a slideshow of paintings from "Streams of Light". This takes approx. 1 min to download.

"Serenity" - Ethereal vistas of Edinburgh
Friday 4th - Saturday 12th July 2008
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Jamie’s new Serenity collection focused on winter light at its most dramatic and on the most transient, atmospheric times of day - sunrise and sunset.

In his highly sought-after cityscapes Primrose captured the early morning light and mist looking towards The Pentlands and rising over other vistas, and the tranquil shimmering dawn reflections on The Shore and The Water of Leith.

He also focused on the twinkling of the first evening lights against the bold silhouette of the city’s magnificent architecture and on vivid powerful sunsets in the evening winter sky.

Towards twilight, he then epitomised the very last glimmers of light shining through towards some of the city’s finest iconic viewpoints and lesser-known spectacular vistas in both the Old and New Town - producing a wonderful serene quality to his original artworks.

Click here to view paintings from "Serenity"

"From Dawn to Dusk"
26th November - 1st December 2007
The Arndean Gallery, Cork Street London

This was a showcase exhibition with works depicting some of Europe’s most captivating cities, including London, Edinburgh and Venice. It also included some of the artist’s finest Scottish landscapes and seascapes.

2nd - 10th November 2007
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Inspired by many memorable visits to his favourite European cities, Primrose presented a stunning collection of new artworks of Edinburgh, London, Paris and Venice.

He captured the exceptional light and atmosphere, depicting the diverse architecture and landscapes of each beautiful city in his colourful oils and monochrome Indian inks:

From spectacular views at dusk from Calton Hill in his highly sought-after Edinburgh cityscapes to gleaming reflections shimmering on The Thames, The Seine and his romantic Venetian waterways.

He captured the unique essence of all these cities, plus glimpses of Florence, Rome and Prague in over 50 new artworks on display.

Click here to view a slideshow of paintings from "Memories". This takes approx. 1 min to download.

"Before Sunset" - Expressive Scottish seascapes and skies
Friday 6th - Saturday 14th July 2007
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

In his 10th solo exhibition in Edinburgh since 2003, Jamie presented new Scottish seascapes and skies, exuding a sense of calm and tranquillity.
"One of the top 5 exhibitions in Scotland"
(The Times, July 2007)

Click here to view a slideshow of paintings from "Before Sunset". This takes approx. 1 min to download.

"Moods" - Ethereal scenes of Edinburgh
Friday 23rd - Saturday 31st March 2007
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Primrose dramatically depicted the light and shadow of Edinburgh’s iconic architecture and wintry landscapes in his striking highly sought after monochrome Indian inks.

In his stunning new oils, he captured the splendid colourful metamorphosis of light before dusk with his powerful and spectacular sunsets beyond the Edinburgh skyline.

Jamie's paintings ranged from the dark and moody to the tranquil and serene - this exhibition was an outstanding success:

"Primrose followed his instincts to become a prolific best-seller"
(The Herald, March 2007)

Click here to view a slideshow of paintings from "Moods". This takes approx. 1 min to download.

"Destinations" - London debut
Nov 9th 2006 - Feb 3rd 2007
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, London

In this exhibition, Primrose showcased a collection of oils, watercolours and Indian inks taking us to three of his favourite destinations - Latin America, Italy and Scotland.

Inspired by a creative trip in 2002, this collection included colourful abstract horizons and sunsets from Costa Rica and Guatemala, plus magical powerful waterfalls at Iguaçu Falls in Brazil. It also featured rich Tuscan landscapes with rolling hills and vineyards and shimmering reflections on Venetian waterways, atmospheric and ethereal cityscapes of Edinburgh, mystical wintry Highland lochs, and serene iridescent seascapes and beaches from both the East and West Coasts of Scotland.

"Secrets of Venice"
October 6th - 14th 2006
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

In this collection led us on a magical atmospheric trip through the waterways and hidden canals of Venice uncovering some spectacular sights and stunning vistas. From serene ripples at dawn by the piazzas, beautiful reflections at dusk - the artist captured the unique ethereal atmosphere and the magical play of light and colour from the sky onto Venice's impressive architecture and timeless waterways.

Click here to view a selection of Venetian paintings

"Magical Vistas" - A journey through Edinburgh
July 7th - 15th 2006
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

In his "Magical Vistas" collection at The Dundas Street Gallery, Primrose's artworks led us through the rich architecture and colourful history of the Old and New Town by day and night: From ethereal paintings capturing the early morning light rising over Arthur’s Seat, to sunsets beyond the city skyline, the artist portrayed many iconic viewpoints, but also discovered some hidden spectacular vistas in and around the city

"Water Music" - Lochs, seascapes and waterfalls
10th - 18th March 2006
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

This exhibition featured a range of stunning new work including: mystical wintry highland lochs which captured the ever changing moods and colours of the tempestuous Scottish weather; tranquil East Lothian seascapes and magical beaches, plus stormy and dramatic watery vistas; and the magnificent splendour and powerful musical nature of water was captured in some breathtaking scenes of Iguaçu Falls in Brazil/Argentina.

Click here to view selected lochs and seascapes from "Water Music"

"Visions of Light" - Skies and seascapes
7th - 13th October 2005
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

This exhibition was a beautiful collection of skies and seascapes, capturing the light from the sky onto the sea: ranging from stunning colourful abstract sunsets and bold dramatic stormy textured pieces - to tranquil luminous seas with sparkling reflections.

The inspiration for this collection came from Jamie's travels to Central and South America.

"Primrose’s work is seen as highly collectable"(Scotland on Sunday October 2005)

"Riflessioni di Luce" - July 2005
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

In his third solo exhibition at this gallery since 2004, Jamie produced a selection of works, which were inspired by his visits to and love of Italy.

In his Tuscan paintings, he captured the overwhelming beauty, rich intensity and warmth of the Tuscan landscape in summer with its rolling hills and vineyards.

Click here to view a selection of Tuscan paintings

"New Horizons" - April 2005
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

"New Horizons" in April 2005 focused on land and seascapes from the East Coast of Scotland with their rich hues, textures and colours. Primrose also captured the light, drama and unique atmosphere in his West Coast scenes.

Jamie created a diverse exhibition, ranging from bold abstract triptychs and textured colourful oils, to subtle watercolours and striking Indian inks on paper.

"Reflections" - July 2004
The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

In the show "Reflections" in July 2004, Primrose focused on the evolving moods and atmospheric drama at different times of the day, which created a luminous serenity and vivid reflections.

"Jamie has an individual style that's both extremely pleasant on the eye and rich in real character. Essentially swathes of colourful oils, his paintings are inspired by sunsets, seascapes and subtle geographical features that he has observed both on his Latin American travels and around Scotland." (David Pollock, Edinburgh Evening News, June 2004.)

"Tierra de la Luz" - October-November 2003
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Jamie’s Primrose's first exhibition since becoming a professional artist was "Tierra de La Luz" (Land of Light) at the Traverse Theatre in October 2003. This was inspired by his travels through Central and South America where he captured the contrasting and vivid light, colour and atmosphere in his paintings.

His work was based on the vibrant expressionistic seascapes of Mexico and Costa Rica; the magical volcanic scenery of southern Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan; the beautiful, spiritual splendour of The Inca Trail (Machu Picchu), the shimmering atmosphere of Lake Titicaca in the south of Peru and the vast open space of the salt plains of Uyuni in Bolivia.

The trip culminated with the musical, natural play of light and colour at Iguaçu Falls in Brazil and Argentina.

Click here to view a slideshow of paintings from "Tierra de la Luz". This takes approx. 1 min to download.

Mixed Exhibitions - CV

2012 Gullane Gallery two man show, May 2012
2011 Scotlandart, Edinburgh & Glasgow
2010 Scotlandart, Edinburgh Festival Exhibition, Edinburgh (August)
2009 Scotlandart, Glasgow 26 March
2008 Scotlandart, Edinburgh Festival Exhibition, Edinburgh (August)
2008 Kranenburg Fine Art, Oban (June)
2008 Scotlandart, Glasgow (May - ongoing)
2008 Caledoniart, The Air Gallery, Jolomo Lloyds TSB Scotland Awards 2007 Finalist exhibition
2007 Scotlandart.com, Edinburgh Festival exhibition 2007 (August- September)
2007 The Affordable Art Fair Spring 2007, represented by the Kings Road Gallery, London (14-18 March)
2006 Scotlandart.com, Edinburgh and Glasgow - ongoing
2005 The Affordable Art Fair Autumn 2005, represented by the Strathearn Gallery Crieff (20-23 October)
2005 The Di Rollo Gallery, Edinburgh (July/August)
2005 The Atholl Gallery, Dunkeld (18 June - 20 August)
2005 Frames Contemporary Gallery, Perth (6 Feb - 26 March)
2005 The Affordable Art Fair Spring 2005, London, represented by Tracey McNee Fine Art, Glasgow (17 - 20 March)
2004/5 Art at Five, Brighton (ongoing from November 2004)
2004/5 Anstey Galleries, Harrogate (18 November - 6 January)
2004 Tracey McNee Fine Art, Glasgow and Irish Art Fair (November)
2004 On the Wall, Grand Hall Olympia, London (29 September - 3 October)
2004 Scotlandart.com, Edinburgh (ongoing from 27 June)
2004 The Strathearn Gallery, Crieff (July - August)
2004 Artco, Leeds (ongoing from 7 May)
2004 The Glasgow Art Fair 2004 & the Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow (14 - 28 April)
2004 The Atholl Gallery, Dunkeld (13 March - 17 April)
2004 The Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh (from January)
1994-5 Paintings purchased by Lynne Stern Art Consultancy, London for UK wide corporate clients
1994 The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Sotheby’s London "Adam and Company/The Spectator 7th National Art Award"
1994 The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh "Gallery 111"
1994 The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University "Final Year Degree Show"
1993-4 The Clayton Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
1990 Glasgow Academy, Glasgow "The ISCis Exhibition of Independent Scottish Schools" Awarded overall First Prize

Finalist of the Jolomo Lloyds TSB Scotland Awards

Awarded First Prize in The ISCis Exhibition of Independent Schools, Glasgow Academy Awarded the Senior Art Prize, The Edinburgh Academy

Awarded the Cheyne Prize for Painting, The Edinburgh Academy